According to Bazooka Band Photoshoot


According to Bazooka is an eclectic band out of Davis, Ca. Their wacky Americana meets pop sound is an interesting mix that works well to keep their tunes in your head. I’ve worked with AtB a few times now, and each time has been an absolute pleasure. This time around the band was looking to shoot a cover for their new album. We went off to the backroads between Davis and Woodland to try to get our perfect shot.


Rene and Richard (front two band members pictured above) have been my main contacts with the band. I’ve known them for years now and have seen them play out all around the Davis/Sacramento area. In fact, Richard was my guitar teacher for a few years back when I lived in Davis. We always have a good time talking about guitars whenever we cross paths.


Rene had the idea of having a long road in the photograph and scouted a few locations before our shoot. We ended up driving out to a location a bit off the main highway where there would be little traffic. The location worked out nicely as we had pretty much had the freedom to get out onto the middle of the road safely. Oncoming cars could be see coming from a very far distance off. Safety first is a must!


With the idea in mind I tried to shoot as many different angles as possible with many different post production looks so that the band would have plenty of images to select from. I was very pleased with many of the photos taken and wonder which one they will eventually go with. My goal was to give them so many good shots that they’d have a very difficult time choosing one for the eventual cover.


In order to really capture a lot of the background I went with an ultra-wide lens. This is a risky lens to use because of the distortion it can cause, but I love challenging myself with it. Ultra-wides have the ability to really get a lot of the background into the shot. You just have to be careful where the subject of the photo is placed.


I enjoyed this photoshoot with AtB quite a bit and it is always great to see the band. I’m looking forward to hearing their new tunes and checking out their new album really soon! Check out their website here: