Anete's Fashion Shoot

HI RES EDIT 84.jpg

Anete contacted me for some fashion photos taken in downtown Sacramento. I totally jumped at the chance as I love this type of photography. We decided on going to DOCO, the new downtown commons center for our shoot. Anete had scouted the location the night before and found some places that could be good for a photoshoot - and she was right! DOCO had a ton of great backdrops for a fashion photo session.

HI RES EDIT 58.jpg

It’s really important to come prepared as a photographer, and that means bringing the right lenses (and knowing how to use them.). Many people use an 85mm lens for portraiture. And in the example above, I was no different. The 85mm with a super fast 1.4 aperture provided some stellar classic looks and beautiful bokeh in the background. However, in the first photo, I needed to use an ultra-wide lens because the space we had to shoot was extremely small, and only that type of lens could fit everything in. Without out it, I don’t think that location would have been workable for what we wanted.

HI RES EDIT 66.jpg

Besides simple statically posing, I love capturing movement in my photographs. In this shot I had Anete walk vigorously towards me so that I could capture some of her hair bouncing a bit. I love the look of hair showing more volume and life. Anete was a great sport and followed my suggestions very well. I love it when the model and photographer jive well together - that was definitely the two of us!

HI RES EDIT 41.jpg

Finding different perspectives to shoot at is totally fun for me. Sometimes shooting upwards is the best way to go. It’s an angle that you don’t see too much, and it gives Anete a bit more of a strong presence in the photo. Since the film days are over, photographers are free to really experiment with the way they take photos without the fear of wasting precious film.

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Anete was so much fun to work with! I think we had a blast going around the DOCO area and finding the perfect place to get some photos done.

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If you’re looking for some portrait photography for yourself, please don’t hesitate to contact me. I’d love to be your photographer!