sacramento area photographer.

Sacramento Kings

It's been a great honor and pleasure to shoot courtside and around the arena for the Sacramento Kings organization. Whether it's basketball action, fans going nuts, or capturing the beauty of the Kings Dancers, I have enjoyed every second of it. Please take a look at some of the work that I've done and follow me on Instagram under the handle blacksheep217 if you'd like to see more. If you're ever at the arena and see me, I'd love to chat, say 'hello', and get a selfie with you!

I can't thank the Jenn Santich and the Sacramento Kings Dance Team enough for allowing me to get the inside scoop on their activities. These girls work extremely hard and perform precisely on the court. The hard work that they put in makes what they do look easy. And to top it off, you'll never meet a nicer group of girls. Check out some of the photos of the SKD here!