Standard Photoshoot:

A photoshoot just for you! The standard photoshoot includes the following:

- A meeting to decide what kind of photos you would like. We can meet in person (preferred), or correspond via telephone or email.

- A photo session lasting up to a maximum of 1.5 hrs at an agreed upon location.

- Digital files of the edited un-watermarked photos (amount of files will vary).

I will edit and provide the photo files within 14 days of the photoshoot. They can be delivered electronically or via CD - whichever is most convenient for you. I will do my best to finish the editing process as quickly as possible. I know you want to see your pictures!

Cost: $250

Corporate/Business Headshots

This is the perfect option for business card photos, website photos, or social media profile pictures. You will receive a high-quality, high-resolution image that will look amazing and let people know you are a professional ready to do business or be hired. This photoshoot includes the following:

- Travelling to your location for your shoot. I have a portable backdrop that I can bring and set up to provide you with a great professional look. Another option is to use your office or business location as a background. It's up to you!

- This photo session typically lasts less than an hour so you don't have to use up all your time! Typically 30-45 minutes.

- I can edit the photos on location so you have them immediately when they are done. I can provide you with digital copies via USB or optical disk transfer. Email or Drop Box is also available.

Cost: $250


If you are a cosplayer, please contact me! I would love to do a photoshoot with you. Contact me via the contact form and we'll get together for a shoot. The shoot we do will be featured on the site Cosplay of Sacramento.

In & Out Photoshoot

A fast photoshoot that takes very little time. Perfect for head shots, or just a few high-quality snaps! This quick shoot includes the following:

- A email/phone/text conversation regarding where you would like to meet and what kind of photos you would like.

- A photo session lasting under 30 minutes.

- Editing while you wait! I can edit your photos quickly and get them into your hands via USB drive, email, or CD. Please let me know your preference.

- You will receive up to 5 edited photos from this session.

Cost: $200

Engagement/Wedding PHOTOSHOOTs

Photos that capture the love that you share with your significant other!

- Engagement Shoot: Engagement photography is necessary to capture that amazing time before the wedding ceremony. Photos from engagement shoots are used for save the date cards, invitations, as well as displays at the wedding itself. Having great engagement photos is a must. Contact me to discuss your engagement photography needs. I'd love to work with you on finding a great location that fits your personality best. There will be no compromises in quality with your photos. They will be made to be stunning.

Cost: $500

- Wedding Shoot: Hire me to photograph your wedding! I will be a single photographer at the wedding and can assist in posed group shot, ceremony photos, and any events surrounding the wedding. Please contact me to discuss details of the wedding.

Cost: I have three wedding packages to choose from! Details can be found on my wedding photography page at

Other Events or Photos

I would be happy to capture anything you like in a picture. Feel free to contact me regarding ANY event or personal portrait session you would like to have done. I am very easy to work with and will be as creative as possible to help you or your event look as good as possible. That's a promise!

Event rate: $175/hr.

Physical Print Pricing

I offer high-quality prints of any of the photographs we take. You, of course, have the option of printing any of the photos yourself, but sometimes it's easier to just to leave it to someone else. Prints have about a one to two week turn around time on average. Minimum order for prints is $50. Here are my standard print prices (Other sizes available, just ask!):

4x6 $.59

5x7 $2.00

8x10 $15.00

8x12 $16.00

11x14 $20.00

12x18 $25.00

16x20 $35.00

If you have any questions or would like to book, please fill out the form below and I'll get back to you quick as I can!

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