More than Just S'mores - Cookies & Cupcakes!


My wife Jenn is an incredible baker. She's always creating delicious desserts that taste as good as they look. Her signature item is the S'mores Bar. It's the perfect blend of sweet and salty, and it's a MUST try. It can be found at various cafe locations in Davis. Check out Common Grounds cafe in South Davis or Three Ladies Cafe in downtown if you want to give one a try. It's well worth the trip! If you'd like more information about the S'mores Bar (including how you can order some) please visit her site at


The S'mores Bar isn't her only creation. She also takes custom baking orders as well. This past week she had a client wanting the best cookies and cupcakes for a very special birthday party. Jenn rolled up her sleeves and got to work hand crafting each individual item. She uses only the best ingredients so that every bite is an amazing taste experience. 


It's been a while since I've done some photography for Jenn's baking business, but I'd love to do more to promote her baked items. She works extremely hard on every order and more people in the world really do need to try her desserts. I haven't met a single person who has tried one and hasn't been satisfied with something that she made. Well... maybe except for herself! She's her own biggest critic, which is great because that just means she's always making sure only the best goes out of the bakery.


I'd describe what Jenn creates as simple and elegant. Her designs are always aesthetically pleasing with nothing ever over-the-top. These are desserts you would expect to find at a high-end dessert restaurant. I love watching her work as I can see the concentration she has when making all the fabulous treats.


It's really too bad you can't smell these photos. The coffee chocolate crinkle cookies above smelled amazing right out of the over... and they tasted even better. If you love rich coffee, these cookies would be heaven for you as they have a bold coffee taste to them. 


And who doesn't' love snickerdoodles? These are always a huge favorite and are one of Jenn's favorite cookies to make. The mildly sweet taste with just the right amount of spice makes this cookie a winner for many people. If you're looking for some amazing desserts, please check out the S'mores Bar link above and contact Jenn. She'd be happy to help you get what you want! Also, if you're in need of any product or food related photos, I'd love to help make your food look it's absolute best as well! Let's get in touch!